Meredith Tuten

In 2017 when Meg and Taylor needed to expand their growing business, they knew exactly where to turn. Having worked with Oliver Hooper Events part-time for a few years, Meredith Tuten had already proven herself diligent in both the nitty-grittiest of details and the grandest of schemes. She is a checklist kind of gal (and may have been student body president in a former life), and her presence in a room is instantly calming.

But Meredith’s favorite part of her job is the people. When she meets a bride, the first thing she wants to know is her love story—followed by what the groom loves to do and where the couple is going on their honeymoon. Even after planning dozens of them, weddings haven’t lost their magic.

Whether a wedding is in sunshine or snow, Meredith is the problem solver, nurturer, and itinerary marvel you want on your side.

Originally from Asheville, Meredith knew even when she was studying mass communications at UNC Chapel Hill that she wanted to be an event planner. Meredith’s own love story started in 2002 with a guy named Thad, with whom she now has three children. The family has been in Greenville since 2010, where they love to ride the downtown trolley and “ice cream hop,” trying all the new spots in town.