personalized event planning & design

Located on the banks of the Reedy River in Downtown Greenville, Oliver Hooper Events brings premier event planning services to the Upstate. By coupling personalized planning with specialized design services, Oliver Hooper Events offers a unique blend of elegantly designed and meticulously coordinated event planning.

Whether it’s helping you on your wedding day, organizing a corporate cocktail reception or hosting an intimate dinner with family and friends, co-founder Meg Hooper and Taylor Oliver are passionate about creating an experience that is both memorable and stress-free for both hosts and guests alike.

“We quickly discovered that even a simple wedding has many moving parts. Fortunately, Meg and Taylor were ‘on it’. They guided us through each phase of planning and execution of the wedding weekend. They were prepared for every contingency and were creative and professional from start to finish. Some things are worth the money. Oliver Hooper Events is one of them!”

/ Marsha and Knox White, parents of the bride /


Oliver Hooper Events all began, naturally, with a wedding.

Blown away by the intimate service she received during her own Dallas wedding, co-founder Meg Hooper was inspired to bring that same level of service to her new home in the Upstate.

Pairing her acute management skills with the visionary design expertise of her long-time friend, Taylor Oliver, Oliver Hooper Events was formed. This union of organizational acumen and cultivated creativity, rooted in an authentic desire to care for others, ensures an elevated level of care from the first meeting until the last tent is packed away.

“The wedding weekend was like a dream come true. Taylor and Meg are ‘wonder women.’ They thought of every little detail, and everyone had a wonderful time. I am so glad we chose them – I feel like we made a relationship that will last a lifetime. The way they compliment each other is awesome and amazing. Rodney and I were amazed at how wonderful everything was. It was truly a perfect day and we have been so blessed by working with them.”

/ Penny Hinton, mother of the bride /